Trust ISP Billing Features


Trust ISP Billing and Management

Complete ISP Management that include Radius Based Billing (AAA), User Management, Reseller Management, GL Accounting, Inventory Management, Network Visualization, CRM and Customer self service portal.


Manage customer services from a single application


Recurring and Usage Billing
Create plans that bill monthly, quarterly or yearly. Charge for overages in data usage, email addresses, or VOIP usage.

Automatically Suspend Accounts
Platypus automatically turns customers off for non-payment and reactivates the account upon payment

View Invoices/Payments
View and print invoices and payments for previous billing periods.

Flexible Fees
Easily charge setup fees for new installs or late fees when customers fall behind.

User Definable Services
Keep track of customer equipment, speed settings, IPs and more

Billing Notices
Send professional looking paper or email statements, late notices and receipts to your customers. Choose between PDFs, HTML or plain emails.

Authority Based Tax Model
Create tax plans that can bill for county, city and other taxes.

Open Provisioning Model
Send commands to remote servers and equipment when customers are added, modified or suspended.

Satisfaction Surveys
Keep in touch with your user base with surveys that give you insight into how to continue to serve your customers better.


Trust Billing System

Bandwidth Fee
1GB 500TK
2GB 700TK
Maintenance and Support